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Waste Management

Recycling and Recovery

The principle behind RJ Envirotech’s patented water/oil separation technology is simple; maximize water clarification while recovering hydrocarbons. The hydrocarbons are a recovered forth that can be sent for secondary treatment, while the water is returned to the water re-use system. RJ Envirotech offers a variety of on-site and fixed facility solutions, tailored to client and project requirements.

RJ Production Waste Management Modules

Our Class 1 Zone 1 electrical certified processing modules are designed to be positioned into any part of our customer's facility. With the implementation of our process modules, we can eliminate the recycle stream and minimize off-site disposal of production waste. The integration of our process aid’s in de-bottlenecking the overall throughput capacity of the de-oiling process. The cost benefits of the process are recovered oil, additional oil through-put capacity, chemical reduction, and minimization of off-site disposal and transport.


Our Vision:

  • Eliminate the need to recycle emulsions back to the front end

  • Reduce upfront chemistry costs

  • Reduce ratio of production waste/barrel of oil produced

  • Reduce liability and exposure of transportation of Production Waste to disposal

  • Maximize recovery of produced water

  • Increase revenue from recovered oil


Process Optimization

Reduction of recycle streams will have immediate positive impacts. Eliminating the recycle of tightly wound emulsions back through the front end of the de-oiling process will enhance phase separation throughout the facility.


  • Improved de-oiling efficiency: Less recycle, results in less rag layer in the Free Water Knock Out (FWKO) and Treater which allow for more efficient phase separation.

  • Increased de-oiling capacity: By increasing the rate of phase separation and decreasing the recycle streams the throughput capacity is increased as the residence time needed for the phase separation is decreased.

  • Chemistry optimization: When recycle streams are introduced into the front end of the de-oiling system it requires an adjustment in chemistry. Combating the fluctuations in the consistency of the recycle streams with inconsistent chemistry injection has a negative rippling effect throughout the entire system. Creating an atmosphere with a predictable more consistent production stream by eliminating the recycling will allow for effective optimization of the chemistry.

  • Consistent Sales oil production: More often than not the root cause of off-spec oil production is a result of recycling. The segregation of recycle streams to the RJ Oil Processing Modules would reduce and practically eliminate production turn downs, lost revenue and increased processing cost caused a recycling process.

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