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Tank Cleaning

RJ Maclean is a global leader in industrial tank cleaning
services. Our management team has vast experience 
international tank cleaning projects, spanning four in continents. We provide our customers with strong, reliable, trustworthy and forward-thinking solutions for the cleaning of storage tanks, vessels and rail cars.
We have built the RJ Maclean philosophy around the simple principle of embracing technological advancement, safety and environmental protection. Our leading-edge processes and equipment offer customizable solutions to meet our client's specific needs, whatever they might be.
RJ Maclean personnel have the expertise and experience to treat any tank contamination problem. From deposition/
sediment removal to toxic solutions, to bacterial degradation, RJ Maclean provides practical, safe and effective solutions.

RJ Maclean is North America's #1 developer of customized robotic tan cleaning equipment:

  • Manway Cannons

  • ROV

  • Mover

All RJ Maclean's robotics have been custom built and designed to excel in the most difficult and hazardous conditions. We are continuously reinvesting in our personnel and equipment
development to improve upon the current models, and to  ensure that we remain innovators in the market. Many of our competitors will claim to have the same equipment-this is impossible.
Period. How do we know? All of our equipment is built in-house and patented.


•    Clean sweep technology
      -    Power sweeps
      -    Tank polishers
      -    Movers
•    Non-entry  equipment
•    Innovative cleaning  solutions
•    Efficient tank cleaning and  sludge processing techniques
•    Sludge removal management
•    Tank bottom treatment
•    Process development
•    Solids reduction and  recycling of available process water
•    Comprehensive diemical solutions
•    Project specific planning
•    Comprehensive sampling  and analysis


To provide services that continuously challenge and improve upon current industry methods; specifically focusing on improving safety, efficiency and environmental practices.

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