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HSE Registration & Safety Certification

RJ Envirotech diverse activities require maintaining their credential and valid safety certification such as:

  • COR Alberta

  • ABSA (The Pressure Equipment Safety Authorization)

  • The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

  • CWB – according to CSA standards W-47.1 and

  • The National Board of Boilers & pressure vessel inspectors.

Additionally, RJ Envirotech maintains a superior record of compliance with all clients requirements on ISNet, AVetta, and Comply Works. RJ Envirotech maintains an integrated HSEQ Management System that meets highest standards in business for Safety, Environment and Quality.

HSE Policy

RJ Envirotech believes that all injuries, accidents, adverse environmental impacts and occupational health illness can be prevented. RJ Envirotech. is committed to managing its health, safety, and environmental risks in a manner that meets the highest practical standards and the expectations of all stakeholders, that includes employees, contractors, clients, communities and shareholders. To meet these expectations and highest standards, RJ Envirotech will:


  • Regard Health Safety and Environment (HSE) performance equally with other business objectives to safeguard its employees, contractors, assets and the communities where it operates.

  • Utilize their leadership in innovation and technology to ensure performance to high HSE standards.

  • Ensure the integrity and safety of its projects.

  • Train employees to meet HSE requirements appropriate to the nature of their work.

  • Motivate employees through an appraisal/award program on their HSE performance.

  • Empower employees to adopt to a zero incidents workplace culture.

  • Comply with all applicable HSE standards and regulations, Federal and Provincial.

  • Promote pollution prevention concept in all subsidiaries activities with focus on waste management, carbon management and water consumption.

  • Develop measurable HSE performance indicators as part of the overall annual business score cards and corporate performance measures.

  • Ensure all accidents/incidents are investigated to determine the root cause and corrective actions agreed and implemented, ensuring the effective management of HSE risks.

  • Strive on continual improvement of HSE performance as part of the business continuity plan.

  • Develop, implement, and maintain an integrated HSE management system to drive business to meet the expectations of all stakeholders.

  • Encourage cooperation with clients and contractors in reporting and enhancing HSEMS.

  • Ensure that all projects, innovations, new technologies, and pilots are managed and carried out in line with RJ Envirotech HSE requirements and all applicable standards and regulations.

  • Respond promptly to any Safety and/or Environment incidents or unsafe conditions, and provide the necessary resources to prevent reoccurrence.

  • Periodically audit, monitor, and review HSE performance and identify gaps where improvement is required.

  • Ensure management commitment to “return to work safe” program.

  • Hold RJ Envirotech line management accountable for the HSE performance while empowering and encouraging employees to participate in enhancing HSE measure.

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