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RJ Envirotech (formerly RJ Oil inc.) is a proudly Canadian company, in operation since 2002. With our focus on green technology and green chemistry, our team of professionals developed game-changing solutions for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) from waste streams in the oil and gas industry. We work with our clients to reduce chemical consumption, increase oil recovery and minimize disposal of oil to a landfill or to reinjection, though oil recycling and waste management.


Based in Alberta, RJ Envirotech offers a variety of solutions for waste management from EOR to soil remediation. Through our environmentally sustainable waste management technologies, our clients can realize a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and their carbon footprint. This can substantially aid in the global fight against global warming by reducing the release of harmful chemicals such as; carbon dioxide, methane, hydrogen sulfide, calcium chloride, sodium phosphate, and sodium hypochlorite.


Learn more at the Waste Management page.

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