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Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Game Changing Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

June 30, 2015

Positive Results for RJ Oil Water Separation Technology at SAGD Facility


The RJO technology is configured to treat a variety of oily waters applicable to a de-oiling application. The technology provides the initial breakout and separation of oil from water and solids resulting in an oil rich froth. When run in a de-oiling application during the trial, the RJO Unit was capable of producing a final treated water quality with an oil & grease content of < 20 parts per million(ppm) at an input feed water oil content of up to 1,000 ppm and greater. In many cases, the oil content in the final treated water was less than 10 ppm. The multiple 3-stage oil water separation cell configuration proved effective during changing conditions and continued to achieve high efficiency where the input feed water oil & grease content exceeded 1,000 ppm. It proved effective in breaking difficult emulsions.

The water output of the RJO unit was suitable as feed to the produced water evaporators. The oil could be recycled to the production train. Alternatively, RJO believes that the technology’s ability to separate and recover these material fractions would facilitate oil recovery through disc stack technology to meet sales oil quality, and produce a solid waste suitable for disposal in a landfill.

The positive results of the trial show the RJO Oil Water Separation technology has multiple potential uses at a SAGD facility. A facility using this technology would be able to reduce chemical usage and slop disposal, while improving oil production and water recycle rates. In a hot lime softening application the GHG savings are estimated at 19,318 tonnes of CO2 per year.

RJ Oil Inc. has announced positive results from the 2-month trial of the RJ Oil Inc. Oil Water Separation Unit at the Connacher Oil and Gas Limited Algar SAGD facility in northern Alberta in the summer of 2011. RJ Oil Inc. has developed a low energy separation system that does not require heat, chemicals or rely on density of the oil to remove hydrocarbons out of liquid or slurry streams. The RJ Oil Water Separation technology was very effective in the treatment of produced water and slop water streams.

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