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Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Weekly Behind the Scenes at RJ

March 16, 2017

Being a local growing company, RJ Oil Inc. has a few characteristics that make it stand out from the rest of the Industry. RJ Oil Inc is a sister company with RJ Maclean and the newest addition RJ Well Test. In hand with our expanding organizational structure is our continual development of new safety procedures.

With continual growth RJ puts safety at the top of our list, not only with our Technology and Product, but with our Team as well. The industry today is constantly looking for various ways to improve safety, at RJ we ensure that we follow these improvements and establish them in our facility.

Andy Woronuk, is the first of the RJ team to sit down for our weekly spotlight. Andy has been with RJ for over five years now, and plans to continue the anniversaries. He began at RJ as a Journeyman Welder, as of January, 2017 Andy became a Shop Foreman at RJ Oil. Making Andy our Shop Foreman, Safety Advisor, and CWB Welding Supervisor with just passing his Blue Seal Certification.
Per Andy “the sparks” were one of his main reasons for acquiring an interest for the fabrication industry. Andy began as an aluminum welder and later began taking an interest in structural fabrication for the love of seeing something develop out of nothing. Today, Andy continues to enjoy the development process that occurs in our facility while maintaining a close watch to ensure every task is done appropriately, and without risk of injury.

Recently becoming RJ’s Safety Advisor Andy’s main goal is to have his team “go home in the same condition they entered”. He strives to have no injuries occur within RJ and no lost time to result. Since acquiring the position Andy’s focus has been to increase safety awareness throughout the company. This is done through monthly safety meetings, and quarterly committee meetings. With RJ being so goal driven on meeting and exceeding expectations and deadlines, a safe environment is one of the top priorities. RJ believes teamwork is one of the key components to a safe working environment. Our team members are applauded when raising awareness of any potential hazards they can see occurring in their daily activities. RJ fortifies a comfortable environment where any suggestion on avoiding hazards is taken into consideration. Our shop members are keen to take initiative throughout the month by voicing any concerns or solutions to safety hazards within the shop floor. These suggestions are later implemented into our everyday practices and creating a comfortable work space for anyone entering our facility.

RJ Oil Inc. believes to maintain our standard of excellence in the fabrication industry we must maintain our standard of excellence within our facility and one of the main ways we achieve this is through our continuous development of safe work practices

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